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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Christmas Tree

Now that I've revealed our new baby....I have a special story. While away I was sitting with my new son in a nearby restaurant having dinner. An elderly gentlemen approached us stating what a beautiful son I had. Of course I agreed because I'm very bias and he's very beautiful indeed. The gentlemen returned to his table consisting of four people. I proceeded to the front door but stopped by to say, "Goodbye" to this friendly man. From there, their party of four was very engaging. Very inviting. (Something I needed) I briefly discussed who I was. One of the woman proceeded to invite me to dinner while handing me her phone number. I gratefully received it, thanking them for their thoughtfulness and I left towards my hotel. I wasn't sure if I was going to call or not but one of the gentleman's statements rang clear in my head. He said, "It's very sad that people pass each other without saying "Hello" anymore" Our world is a place of unknowns, with no trust for each other. It's really sad. The next day, I called "Connie" with the number that was given to me. She was waiting for my call. That evening I accompanied Connie and Arno to dinner. I'm not sure where the third and fourth couple was but I was privileged and felt quite honored to spend a few hours with these two wonderful people. They shared their life stories, their beliefs and some of their losses with me. You know....I've always written that I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe I met these individuals for a reason too. I felt alone during our pre-placement visits because my husband was back at home, I was the sole mother hoping to hold every ones emotions together during the adoption transition and then there was Connie and Arno. They were two individuals that told it how it was and they were straight to the point. Good and honest people. I initially thought they were together but I soon found out that they were brother and sister. They both lost their loved ones and they both now live together, supporting each other and sometimes arguing with each other. I was very touched. I don't believe they know how they touched me. A few things......they were engaging and just so openly trusting inviting a stranger out for dinner. They treated me regardless of my own argument paying my own. This is a Christmas they're spending together as brother and sister without their loved ones, living together, supporting each other....which touched base with me because I know the importance of siblings. Here is two elderly siblings that lived their own lives but were brought back together through their own circumstances now living together. What if they didn't have each other? As much as they're sad about loosing their partners, they still have one another. (The importance even 70 plus years later I witnessed) Connie wanted to show me her house. Beautiful. I noticed there was no decorations, no Christmas tree, not one inclination that Christmas was two weeks away. Earlier I purchased these little Christmas trees to present in appreciation to our child's now past guardianship worker and others that I thought deserved acknowledgement, I couldn't leave the evening until I handed Connie a little tree. She cried. We hugged as if we've known each other forever. As far as I I feel......this is a little Christmas story. I would like to say our new baby is, he's our gift......and Connie and Arno are the story. The reason why I'm sharing this is because meeting these two individuals, re-confirmed the importance of siblings. Even after our parents are passed, our families are grown (if we have children) and we are left alone without our partners, still come our siblings. I don't think they were looking forward to Christmas this year....but I hope after our dinner date, they are. Not only did I fall in love instantly with our new baby boy, I left loving two strangers that now remain in my heart forever. And that's my Christmas Story.

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  1. what a heart warming story.the love you share with everybody is unbelievable .that is why you are loved so much by us.