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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Already moving into 2013!

By 12:30am on Christmas Eve or shall I say, "Christmas morning" Santa's job was finished. Fifteen children home, fifteen stockings and an over-loaded present piled Christmas tree! Later we ventured off to where my mother prepared Christmas dinner for almost forty people! (Seventeen was us) Christmas was wonderful. we're cleaning up the after math, I've confirmed that summer is indeed my favorite time of year. Camping, boating, endless traveling and fun in the sun is my thoughts. 2013 came fast and we're already preparing for our summer plans! Camping with friends, and possible travel plans are ahead! Not only are we thinking summer, my husband and I also confirmed that next Christmas we're outta here. We will still have our Christmas party at the beginning of December 2013! Stay tuned as it won't be cancelled! I love planning, for us 2013 is full of exciting plans, new adventures and memories! I personally don't have a New Years resolution.....just an ongoing motto. Live each day of your life as if it were your last, love and respect each other because you don't know what tomorrow brings and continue to make positive memories.  Remember if you can't control something in your life, let it rest. Take more pictures, journal and don't be afraid to show compassion and understanding for others. We're all walking the same planet with different paths, one day those paths might cross, so remember to smile - Me.

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