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Monday, December 3, 2012

"A Christmas Family Reunion"

Every year my mother, sister and I attend the Chemainus Christmas Theatre. This year it was "The Gifts of the Magi" It was a play about poverty during Christmas time. With no more than one dollar and eighty-seven cents between a couple, they had to decide on how and where to spend their money. With also deciding whether to part with their own precious possessions to provide one another with a gift. In the end, they learn about a much greater gift - love. I won't write about the play any further just in case you're attending but it's a great spirit lifting event to attend with someone. Before the theatre production we always walk the streets and check out all the little local shops. Chemainus is a cute little town surviving with locally owned businesses. If you're looking for something special and unique for someone, there is the Christmas store, the Hansel and Gretel candy store and a little clothing and purse store called "Gallery 786 Inc" with great deals. The Gallery 786 Inc store is very small but the owners originally from East Africa are very welcoming, very grateful for any business that walks in. Their minimal amounts of merchandise is of good quality with amazing prices. We support their store. After our little walk of this special little town, we enjoyed once again live performances. The gifts of the Magi reminded me about how all of us get caught up in the commercialism, the impulse buying for our loved ones. I felt disappointed within myself because I'm guilty. Believe me, when I'm wandering around purchasing items for our children, I get side tracked. I see Elmo and Abby... I see a sale on something that wasn't on my list and then my list extends even longer. I don't believe I'm materialistic. Especially not for myself. I will admit, I love giving. I love surprising. Although I do know and I do feel every year that our magical material gift exchanging has to change. My husband and I just discussed that next year needs to resemble something different allowing a years warning. This is a personal journey and indeed a test for me. A tradition breaker so it won't be easy. A few years back on Christmas we attempted a family Christmas at our local Mt. That involved a blizzard, a contaminated communal hot tub and frustrating moments with all of us stuffed into a 600 sq foot condo that resulted in a extended bill from wall damage that one of our children tripped into! So this Christmas remains safe with the traditional......and after having a great evening at the theatre, I'm already re-thinking our 2013 Christmas plan. For now, my Mother just asked for everyone to be together for Christmas. Her wish. She's decided to rent her Church (with a kitchen) where we can all attend Christmas dinner! She called it, "A Christmas Family Reunion" It's going to be HUGE! We're going to unwrap the true meaning of Christmas, share this one day together and that's going to make for a very Merry Christmas! AND as a Great Aunt, I will get to see my nephews beautiful baby boy once again! Yahoo!

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