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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Go into 2013 thinking "Adoption"

Tis the season....we're busy every evening with family and friends. It's nice to spend time with people we care about and to continue throughout the year. I've mentioned before that adoption not only built our family, it brought us a community of extended family and friends. Family means to me.....anyone who cares about each other. A network of people that continue to come together respectfully and with love. Everyone needs a family. This time of year, it's traditional to come together celebrating Christmas. In a matter of days, all of us will celebrate. Whatever the celebration, regardless if it's the birth of Jesus or that it means we're all together, it's an important date for all. Below I posted "A home for the holidays story" Just in case some missed this television program. Merry Christmas, and for the New Year, think about adoption. There is more positive success stories then the negatives and either way, it's opening your home, your heart in hopes to change a life. And for the adoption stories that didn't succeed, give yourself a great big hug because at least you tried and remember - there is so many children in need and want a family. (Don't stop if your dedication is there!) For us, we are constantly stating we're done adopting. Although siblings belong together. And, if a child needs a home, we wouldn't say, "No" if we can provide. I also know there is many teenagers and adults still looking to be adopted, to have a stable family. Called, "Extreme Adoptions" adopting young adults. I heard once from another adoptive family, a friend of ours said, "Never say never" I guess that's us......

Play link in the below's beautiful.

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