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Friday, June 3, 2011

"Those moments"

We are adjusting with the occasional tantrum and bites! We definitely have some times through-out our days that bring on some embarrassment with excess screaming. We forgot about the toddler demands, the stubborn these moments are a flash of the past. With adopting there is the "Honeymoon" stage where everything is going completely wonderful, then when our new children settle in, we see more what our days really look like! I'm learning very quickly that naps are needed. My husband made a comment today saying, "We are only punishing ourselves missing naps!" So "suck it up" we're adding naps for awhile to our schedule. Basically reflecting back on our day, there is more positives, lots of giggles and happiness then biting! Thank goodness! Can you believe it!? I'm potty training again! We have had lots of success! I'm really happy that school is almost over, summer is almost here because what a great time to relax, bond and enjoy each other. I am all for routine although summer gives all of us just a more relaxed schedule. I'm finding the weekends are too short! You know, we have moments questioning ourselves on why we've adopted and adopted many. With all our children, birth or adopted, there is moments of second thoughts. OR just questioning, "Why?" Usually these feelings come when something isn't going the way we anticipated. (For example, a tantrum during grocery shopping) I swear I feel my grey hair brightening then the moment passes. Like trying really hard not to jump on our middle aged/teens boat during a disagreement. What I've learned raising our children is engaging in an argument only escalates the situation. Sometimes being a parent, taking charge means taking steps back. We ultimately make the choices even if our child/children think they've won. Recently we received a card reading, "While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about" "It's all about love" - Author Unknown. I started thinking about these moments we all have as parents pulling our hair out, over coming stressful situations, embarrassing episodes and my conclusion it's on how we deal with it and perceive it afterwords. These moments are just that. Moments. Believe it or not, they are teaching us to parent, to have patience and accept what isn't perfect. Also we're not alone. I have to remind myself and my husband that our moments are every parents moment and this too, shall pass. Our oldest daughter is twenty one and I've been having moments for twenty one years! (lol) I'm writing this to not only remind myself but to hopefully ease some readers that they're not alone during child raising trials and it's normal. Now that I'm off to bed, reflecting on my day, I can smile because the positives always out weigh those "moments" The positives is all about love..........and those moments are quick like lightening!

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