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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wheels in motion

It's been almost a month since our adoption placement of our two wonderful children. Our newest daughter was not mobile. Well she could pivot in a circle, stretch out to reach for something she wanted that was close. Amazingly for one week now she's been "bumb scooting" all over the place. Absolutely everywhere! I was completely shocked at first. Now this is where I give a large family credit. There is so much stimulation around here, so many brothers and sisters that our daughter wants to keep up with! This past month I believe has started her life! I have been taping her scoots to prove that she's capable of anything. We knew it! Bumb scooting isn't just getting her places, it's developing strength in her legs so eventually she will stand and walk! While watching her, she's been trying to scoot outside. This looks like the ultimate wedgie and also wrecking her clothing. So my husband decided to stay up until 2am last night building her a custom made "wheel chair" This chair is great for her posture, saves getting any splinters and her clothing is not getting ripped nor stained. She's still building strength with her legs and she just loves it! It's used indoors or out. She's been everywhere! Not only does our daughter use it confidently, our other children give her a break and push her around. (We will still encourage natural movement of course) I can't wait to show our friends and family what mobility around here looks like! If you haven't been following, our new daughter has Cerebral Palsy. She wasn't mobile. BUT now she can be found playing in our dogs water, scooting down the hallways, in her siblings bedrooms and finding me (her Mommy) cooking dinner in the kitchen. She smiles and laughs knowing she's made it to her destination of choice! It is SO cute! I'm thinking if she can scoot within a month, she'll be walking within a year! Her little brother also has been doing wonderfully. He's loving playing outdoors on a daily basis, we are potting training him and starting today he's been wearing big boy underwear! We haven't seen a tantrum in awhile. I have a feeling he's picked up quickly that we are consistent with what's acceptable. It's really CUTE when he says out of the blue, "I like you Mommy" I always reply, "I love you _____" Then he will say, "I love you Mommy" With all these transformations and love, I'm really liking the idea of summer holidays in a few short weeks where we can concentrate on our children's progress and have fun with each other. We already have our summer plans in place. Lately we've been busy with every appointment imaginable. We missed school a few days ago for 10 dentist appointments and I'm proud to say we left with ten out of ten NO cavities! Our second oldest daughter had her braces taken off, we have multiple specialists appointments set up and our dogs hair has been nicely groomed ready for summer! Once June is over, our family will be able to relax and scoot where ever our day allows according to weather. All I know is we are a progressive unstoppable family and we're putting our wheels in motion for summer fun, bonding and mooovement!

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