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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beauty within a city

When we were having our adoption placement visits we decided to visit Stanley Park. I haven't been there for nineteen years and my husband has never been. It's amazing how driving out of a city into a park can change your whole perception of it's beauty. Stanley Park is beautiful, it has so much to offer tourists and their own locals. Like tranquility and solitude from the hustle of city traffic! When we were there we went on the Spirit Catcher Train tour which traveled through the history and story of the Klahowya Village. It was very interesting and most likely our new children's first Aboriginal experience. Stanley Park was our memorable event during our adoption visits, we collected souvenirs and took many pictures through-out our day! We also visited the Vancouver Aquarium where extensive giggles happened from the excitement of Dolphins jumping. The Aquarium is amazing. Turns out we found out it's the largest Aquarium in Canada. Stanley Park is worth taking at least two days to explore and I'm hoping that we can take our whole family to experience the beauty within a city. It has monumental trees, streams, beaches, lakes, lagoons, parks within the park, horse buggy tours, trains, cultural history, arts, dancing, pools, playgrounds, breath taking sight seeing, for example; (Prospect park with views of the Lion Gate Bridge over the Burrard Inlet) and multiple gardens. Not to mention statues, totem poles and the famous sea wall looking over the city of Vancouver. I can't believe that I haven't been there for nineteen years! I know if I was a local, Stanley Park would be my daily destination. I hope when we do venture back that our children appreciate this area as much as I do. Our world around us is definitely worth experiencing even if it's just out our front door! Great day trips cost absolutely nothing because we're virtually surrounded by water and rain forests. I heard a saying once, "We live on the nipple of British Columbia" (Referring to a baby bottle) We don't need anything more, we are satisfyingly fed beauty that's all around us! There is nothing more satisfying for me to witness our children not only developing human compassion but recognizing and appreciating what our world has to offer. The natural beauty and sometimes a beauty within a city.

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