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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Take the jump!

What a great weekend! The sun was shining and it was hot! Even though our days are louder, it hasn't stopped our adventures! Today we packed up a picnic and went to our local river destination where a few of us decided to brave the waters. Then we journeyed off to the ocean. Where my husband played soccer with our boys and I sat handing out the picnic! I think especially for our new daughter she's experiencing everything for the first time, including throwing sand in her Mother's hair! I love this time where I can watch and learn our children. I know for our new son he loves to scream to manipulate his siblings into doing things for him! Then there is times where he surprises us with the most amazing things. We're also learning that our new daughter loves car rides (but not confinement such as carrying her) - she loves it when we've reached our destination so she can explore! Now that we are in our first week of June, we've been thinking about our summer plans. Yes we're going to camp, yes we're going to travel and yes; nothing is going to hinder our plans unless it's medically. I've been thinking about my future. Most of our children will venture off during their adult years except for three for sure. I still have this dream of traveling to Nepal. I often think that it's a silly dream on my part. Then I've added their culture, learned their foods and language. I've fund raised for years for Child Haven and a piece of my heart can't stop longing for this little Country. I've brought Nepal into our home with decor and the forever thought that someday I will visit. Personally if there is no travel advisories, we're all healthy and able, I can one day make this a reality with some of our children! I'm a total believer that anything is possible. The picture above is my second oldest daughter's boyfriend attempting a dive today into the icy river waters, this awkward looking jump actually turned into a face planting dive! He had the right attitude. You can do anything if you set your mind to it! I remember years ago we "jokingly" mentioned having fourteen children, I also remember mentioning we would love to have children for the rest of our life. Children that I believe have one hundred percent potential in doing whatever they want in life even if that includes joining their Mother to trek the Himalaya's. Now wouldn't that be a story to write about! A dream is like taking a jump, the first step off is the hardest!

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