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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Are you going to be "Ok" when I'm gone?"

I just giggle at such a question (of course I am) but it's been awkwardly different around here. People always question on how we function as a large family. My only answer is, "We're used to it" I've also been caught asking other families how they do things. (I should know better) They are used to their life too. For the past few days my husband and four of our children have been gone on a school camping trip. I am used to our numbers and it's actually easier for me to add to our family then to take away. During dinner I automatically prepare ten plates and I always leave our older children to prepare their own. For the past couple of nights I have to think. Four less plates? AND that makes what? It's been quiet. I think it's because my husbands gone. Funny, when he was packing up to leave, he was worried if I was going to take out the garbage or not. It's a daily chore of his and I questioned, "Why does it matter?" Of course I've been taking out the garbage. That should of been the least of his worries. While he's been gone we went out for dinner, I went shopping and it's been fantastic! I still had pediatrician appointments, teenagers and two of our children skipped school because they stayed home with me! My husband seems to think I'm the strict Mother around here (I am) but there is times where life can slide from routine even for me. So here I sit, writing and watching "Hall pass" a movie I rented while leaving the dishes in the sink. My faithful friend Wilbur and I are eating popcorn. Then we're going to bed peacefully with no late night disruptions because my husband isn't coming in from the garage at 2am! I'm not complaining but I'm enjoying my two night, three day independent lifestyle! Although I really needed him this morning when our son vomited all over the kitchen floor! I thought for sure the flu was starting but it was only a one time deal. (Thank goodness) Having the flu at our house is like a two week pandemic ordeal! Now that Wednesday is here we can get back to our normal because even though it's nice to be independently alone, adult conversation is a must! My advice, don't rent the movie "Hall pass" I turned it off. It's not funny. (Maybe it's a guy movie) I should of watched "Eat, Pray, Love" instead! I wonder when I'm gone with our children for days, for weeks, what my husband thinks? Now I have to ask him............all I know, it's not the same when even one of us is missing.

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