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Monday, June 27, 2011

A swinging good time

I bet you thought you've read everything? A friend of ours gave us an idea of having a swing inside our house! Our new daughter loves to swing! We were given a five point harness swing that we're using outside. So my husband decided to hang this orange home depot racing roadster swing in our house. It's hanging in between our kitchen and our living room. So not only can she roll around on her rolling chair or bumb scoot (whatever she prefers) she can swing while watching tree house or watching her Mommy making dinner! It's bolted in where the beam went up weeks ago. We are unsure if it will become a permanent fixture or not but for right now, she loves it! She loves it to the point where she screams for it! (Oops) My husband......I write about him a lot. More then he cares to know! He's still sick, his swelling has spread into his hand, he's fevered, he should be going back to the hospital BUT while sweating underneath a blanket, he decides to hang a swing. That's my husband. My husband and I can't swing anymore, we find it stomach turning. Although the motion of swinging demonstrates certain therapeutic benefits. It promotes movement, balance and awareness with sensory. When I watch our daughter she's using her gross motor skills involving both her hands and feet. She's moving the trunk of her body back and forth. Really developing strength all over. I am not a professional although I really believe that strength is the key to successful walking. Since our daughter has been placed with us, she's become mobile (bumb scooting) and that's not only from stimulation around her, it's because she has the freedom without confinement. For example, for weeks I was using her bath support. (I still do) BUT not always. When I know I can be 100% focused on her bathing, she baths freely. Bathing freely for her is like swimming. In a previous post I referred to swimming like flying. I think it's important to accomplish movement naturally. I've been finding that when our daughter cries or asks, "Up, up" immediately she will be picked up. I've been trying something new. I've been asking her to come to me. Not only will she come, when she gets there she has the biggest smile on her face! To me, that smile is saying, "I did it!" It's confidence! The cutest little confidence giggle we see is when she closes her eyes, giggles and shakes her right leg! Another really interesting attribute the swing provides is speech. Believe it or not, when our daughter is swinging she talks a mile a minute loudly! Now we just need a swinging wheelchair so she won't scream while being confined because we've confirmed swinging is a good time!

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