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Friday, June 10, 2011

One man verses a 400lb beam on a Friday night!

Leave it to the husband to modify an engine hoist to lift up a 400lb beam in our living room! Out of steal he welded a platform to crank the beam into the sky! One of our sons is sitting on the platform above in the two top pictures. It was the highlight of our Friday night!
Normally you would need a bunch of guys, multiple scaffolding and blocking. Although it's always a one man show around here! We have open beams throughout our home that was originally placed during new construction with a crane. Now we're just changing a new home into a home designed for us. If you know my husband, he has to design the most challenging idea! He also has a farming background and while he worked on the farm, it was a time where you made do. (You built your tools to help build your barn) During the building process there needs to be some joy......I bet you don't know any other family that lifts their children over and over again from an engine hoist in the middle of their living room on a Friday night for fun?! We did manage to squeeze in our movie night too from far heights! It's been three years of construction around here and now that we're in the final stages of finishing we feel relieved! Relieved at least our house will be finished but there's always an ongoing list and that would be another book to write! On another page, tomorrow (Saturday) we're planning a wiener roast with a few family friends. The joke I made was we will need at least 48 hot dogs for our family! One highlight of my life is "entertaining", I enjoy family friends coming over for dinner. It's not going to be Sushi but it will be a great smokin fire for all with marshmallows, salads with good company! Once our construction is finished we would love to have more families over for dinner. We won't have to worry about swinging beams, drywall dust and live electrical wires (I'm kidding) We will just have more room to entertain and enjoy ones company. Until then my hardworking farmer is hard at work designing his family a beautiful home and he will take on absolutely anything alone!

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