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Friday, September 13, 2013

Road Trip

Near Cashe Creek

With a blink, within a day things can change. For me, it was five days. I rescheduled my whole week in order to drive my second oldest son back up north to his new home stead. "Fort St. John" We left our house at 5:30am, caught the 6:20am ferry and by 8:30am I was driving 13 hrs from Vancouver to Fort St. John on Sunday. By 10pm I was in a very cozy bed at my sister in laws. I brought my little man (22 months) and he was an amazing traveler. He never cried, didn't even whimper. He pointed at the cows and horses , he played with his toys and basically stared at me probably wondering where on earth were we going. A long our driving journey we saw a healthy looking moose, one black bear and one dead black bear. Sunday was a very exhausting 18 hr day in total. It was worth it, I haven't met three of my nieces, and one nephew. I haven't seen my husband's brothers family for three years! Way too long. They have 15 children and it's amazing when our families are all together. During my four day stay I reacquainted myself with my nieces and nephews. It was shocking what three years difference made with every ones growth. Besides quading (freely) without police involvement while fetching eggs, 4 X 4-ing down near their local river, going for runs, walking their dogs around their dug-out and saying "Goodbye" to my one son, we just visited sitting on their porch. My last day was bitter sweet. Part of me wanted to move back somehow, I did not want to be the long distant Auntie. I wanted the laid back country living, "the freedom" Then my other side of my brain reminded me we are settled where we are. It's convenient and unrealistic to move again. Reality sucks. Besides re-connecting, I had a lot of time to think and it doesn't matter where you reside and hang your hat, there's pros and cons to everything and everywhere. If change needs to happen or is wanted, then it's not the thought that will change it; anything to do with a lifestyle change, it's the action that triggers it from anywhere. I've heard people say that they can't change - my theory is that anyone can, and any relationship and/or family can as a whole too, it takes one person first, then usually the company you keep changes (evolves) too. Meaning, we can live more like country folk, we can see each other more from a far - honestly we can do anything if we set our minds to it. It doesn't matter where we live. Funny, everything I do leads me to more common sense enlightenment's. All my decisions in life haven't been easy, they're either lessons learned or meant for a reason, good or indifferent they've made me who I am today, and that's a pro-active deep analyzing spontaneous thinker just wanting the best in this world for myself and the people I love and know in it. Sometimes a sporadic decision is one of the best most thought out act people can do for change. After my flight returning home, the baggage return belt broke and we had to wait another 45 minutes. Finally receiving our luggage, I checked to see if anything was broken and to find my whole canister of powdered baby formula exploded inside on absolutely everything. A large "sigh" and I told myself I won't cry over powdered milk. Although I did have to decide if I was going to continue on with my plan A that consisted of catching the train, then the bus to the ferry carrying my 22 month old son with a large bag but after the exit sign from the airport and my timing, it was plan B - a taxi! Even with the taxi, I had only ten minutes to board the ferry. While running, stopping to reposition and breathe... a lovely woman asked if she could take my bag. Anyone who knows me, they know I would say, "It's ok....I can do it" but this lady insisted and proceeded to take my bag, walked along side of me, onto the ferry, into the bathroom and helped me clean everything inside my bag from the powder mess. I thanked her thinking we would part ways. She continued to carry my bag to the children's play area and we finally settled down together. She momentarily left and again returned with a tea for me and from there we visited. After docking she continued to carry my bag, dropping it half way where another man scooped it up and said, "I will carry that" Eventually we met my husband. It showed me once again, strangers out of no where was my saving grace. Not that I couldn't manage on my own but it just proved once again the good in people. Honestly, emotionally I was tired, frustrated and it was just nice to have the friendly company of another after leaving my second oldest son and my family up north. We meet people sometimes in the strangest scenarios, and it was an excellent end to a trip well needed.

 Love the Poplar Trees
 The Peace Region
 Mountain views
Collecting eggs quading style
For privacy reasons I won't share my nieces and nephews.
Again, one of my favorite quotes featured on my blog is from Mahatma Gandhi - "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" including in your own life!

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