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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our family portrait revealed!

"Just kidding"

I haven't been posting as often because it's been completely grand central station around here then when I do sit down, I'm attempting to write a book. Every day we have individuals coming and going. We have two education assistants, one tutor, a physical, a occupational and a speech therapist throughout our week. Adding pediatrician and dental appointments. Today felt like grand central station with a revolving door. It was one of those days where you're questioning, "What is going on!?" We had five of our children in bed early, our one daughter seemed completely out of sorts, our phone was ringing like crazy, we had constant complaining from a man baby that has a head cold (not my husband) but my husband did manage to fall on his face outside (don't ask not alcohol related, he doesn't drink) - it was one of those days! From urine, blood to constant spills, there was always something to clean up. Even questioning, "What is that?!" A smeared thick brown area in our hallway. Thinking it was feces from one of our dogs, it was only chocolate! Honestly, at least 4 out of 7 nights a week we have bowel movements either floating where they aren't suppose to be or thrown across the bathroom. Wet wipes and a box of plastic gloves is a necessity around here! It's actually amazing our walls aren't full of boogers. Sometimes we have opened up our cupboards and water is miraculously accumulating inside, dripping out. Dishes have been put away wet. So far I haven't found left over chunks of meat, or noodles hanging from the ceiling but I did have to chase my dog tonight with a full corn on the cob after "a throwing" from our littlest daughter! So after today was finished, I thought it was about time to post our family portrait! Only Grover was looking at the camera, some of our children's mouths are wide open, someone is poking another but we we're all together, loud and happy! Tomorrow (Thursday the 19th) it's our oldest sons 20th birthday and a full moon! I'm keeping my positive thoughts that we'll all survive with just a little spilled milk! As I've jokingly reflected while saying, "Goodbye" to today -  I will reveal our real family portrait soon!

My today's final tips - the most used items and what every family should have accessible is wet wipes and those handy white latex gloves! You will never know when something may go flying and from what direction. And on a more serious note.......honestly, our home isn't that chaotic, we blame it on that full moon which happens occasionally!

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