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Friday, September 6, 2013

Portrait Day!

For years I wanted a family portrait for our home. We never did because we didn't feel like our family was complete. I believe having pictures within our home is important for our children because it's just another piece for their sense of belonging, a portrait of their family - pictures are a huge significant statement for people, a reconfirmation that we are a family. We have our tree wall of fame consisting of all our children's school photo's (seen in the above picture to the right) but we don't have a family portrait. A family portrait is equally important to me. I'm proud. For me it not only signifies our family, it signifies that we are complete. It signifies after many challenging years, we're still all together. It's very sentimental for me because today, Friday the 6th (all of us) we are together for our first professional family portrait. 19 of us in total. After today, three of our adult children have already and are moving within the next month. Today is the day I've been waiting for! I will admit I was nervous and worried on how our family portrait session was going to happen with all ages, different needs and behaviours. The preparation as you can imagine was organizing clothes, and most importantly preparing ourselves with positive good attitudes. My photographer I chose was another adoptive mother. I prepared her on how difficult this family portrait will be. Her business can be located on the below link.
She was great! I will view the photographs with her in a couple of weeks. I am so excited! Today wasn't just about the photographs. It was about my family, ALL of us together. It happens occasionally. Yes we might have screamers, we definitely have many boys that run around throwing pine cones at each other with the ongoing sibling rivalry. We have our share of wanderers. (or at least they try wander free) "It was ok" Most importantly I was very appreciative that my older adult children arranged their schedules, dressed and smiled. It meant the world to me today. The above picture is some of us eating dinner after the photo shoot. I stood back witnessing our whole family interacting and laughing with each other, it was a very sentimental proud day for me. Now the waiting begins in hopes we had at least one good family shot for the focal point in our home! And for my family.....we might stand out and take over a sidewalk but as my children's mother and not being bias - we have a great group of kids!

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