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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Transformation is in the air.......


September is here. Summer completely disappeared. "Poof" Like magic we're gearing and getting ready for another changing season. Reflecting back, it seemed like yesterday we were camping, swimming, boating, hiking and traveling around on our day trips. Now we're ready for school. As much as I will miss summer with the endless relaxed starts, having lunch at 1pm instead of noon and our bedtime routines were stretched without worrying about awakening at 7am, we are ready to move on but with more transformation in the air!  My oldest daughter is moving to Vancouver. My second oldest son moved to Fort St. John, and I'm homeschooling six instead of five plus regaining one hour a day somehow someway is returning this September. I cave when structure and routine needs to be in place for our children, as it's the key elements on how our family runs smoothly. Although my spontaneous nature jumps in switching life up once in awhile eating that creature of habit and spitting out the junks of Society 8-5. I have this goal in my mind to sporadically change the 2013/2014 year but in the meantime, I'm looking forward to the Board Maker program for our three girls where routine outlined is a must. Designing their life 5 days a week. To start homeschooling this year our girls will work and document the progress of their own indoor window greenhouses. While our boys projects will be computer and engineering related. My second oldest daughter and her boyfriend plan on graduating (perhaps together) I have one son starting kindergarten, another moving into middle school all while juggling enrolled sports, voice and piano and therapy appointments weekly. Do you think I can add my spontaneous quest for adventure in there?! Can my semi-hypocritical words from routine to spontaneity combine together!? You bet yah it will! Life needs adventures! Life needs personal individual goals......for example, my husband is racing next year, and after my foot heals, I have my own physical health goals to accomplish plus furthering my own education. Transformation is in the air with surprising adventures and goals that lie ahead.......that's my "A ha" moment and thoughts for the last day of August.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" - Mahatma Gandhi
"Just LIVE.......enjoy your life, set goals for your future, (you're never too old) be spontaneous and reminisce your positives - don't allow any negatives to define you and remember, you're never alone" - Me.

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