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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Retail Happiness

"The onesie boys"

"The merchandise"
Back to school shopping is finished and in Canada this year! Even I'm impressed! I've been debating about shopping in the States like I do every year. To end my debate I went window shopping to price out the difference. Well........heads up, Payless shoes have awesome deals but with limited supplies. I bought all our children shoes there, even our adult children! 20 pairs! Old Navy is having a sale on shirts, $5.00 each and $8.00 on jeans from size 5-16 that's adjustable! I was having a retail happiness fix! I was having such a great time "thinking" I was saving money (in my mind) that I even splurged on onesies for teens/adults! (As seen in the above picture) Even funnier, both these boys I video taped walking around the mall in their new onesies while everyone double looked and laughed. We are use to being a centre of attention so wearing purple onesies is nothing! Having a large family you need to think about the costs for everything. For example, I purchased socks and boxers for our children that cost $250.00 and believe me, I purchased the econo packs! For the 20 pairs of shoes, it was a total of $360.00. As you can see......that's an awesome deal! When I'm shopping for all of our children I have a trick. I make a list at home with needs and sizes, from there I will leave shopping. The trick is too not take your children shopping unless you desperately need them. This way it's like Christmas in September (when I return) and a ritual we continue year after year. For a mother of many children feeling prepared for "Back to School" on August 11th is a great feeling and I didn't have to leave the Country. I will admit, I will miss the two day adventure, and Red Lobster. So unless this Island wants to bring in the Red Lobster restaurant chain, I will be heading to the States eventually for the Costco cheese and my favorite restaurant! Although right now this momma is happy with her retail happiness she's found in her own Country. Most importantly, I have happy children. That is double retail happiness! Tip - you don't have to spend x amount of dollars to make it through life, we grow, we change and yes, we can accept what we have.

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