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Friday, August 9, 2013

Extended day trip brought warm auras

Hornby Island, The Hawaiian Island in BC!

The fire ban alternative!

Best hammock buddies!

The sleeping arrangement

Every year we do day trips to our favorite places. Hornby Island is one of my favorites. A beautiful Island that I call the Hawaiian Island of BC. My husband and I spent a week in Hawaii years ago and I'm not kidding when I state that Hornby Island is its replica. I left for a day trip with four of my sons. During our first ferry ride I agreed to drive this eighteen year old young man from Buckley Bay to Hornby Island. With his guitar, camera and backpack in hand he was politely requesting a ride. He entertained us and especially me with his entrepreneur future plans for his life. I was impressed on how mature, talented and eager this boy was. When we parted ways, I congratulated him on how independent and goal determined he was, he was a great role model for my boys! Once settled on Tribune Bay on Hornby, (the beach of endless white warm sand) we met some friends that were camping near which changed the course of our day. My original plan was to come home from our day trip.....but it sporadically changed and we spent the night with our friends. Our friends set up a tent, supplied all the bedding plus anything we needed for the evening. Besides feeling greatly appreciative, I felt somewhat out of my element not being able to support ourselves 100% and for someone like me - it's an odd feeling. Our friends were completely accommodating and welcoming, it was a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. Not only were we on the Hawaiian Island of BC, we were swept away spending time with amazing people and as seen in the above picture (the fire ban alternative) the ambiance was definitely delightful. I found this day trip different....not because it turned into a twenty four hour adventure, nor was it because a long our way we met a great inspiring young man traveling with his guitar living semi-freely, nor was it because we were in one of my favorite places, it was because of our friends we met on the beach. The interesting part is we met on this same beach (Tribune Bay) three summers ago. We realized we lived in the same area, their daughter is and has been in the same class since Kindergarten with our son and ironically we're both adoptive families. Now our children are heading into grade two together this year and we're becoming good family friends. (Best Buddies are seen above in a hammock together) It brings my attention to what I've always believed to be true......things happen for a reason. People cross paths for a reason and we don't understand the reasoning's good or bad until the future presents itself. Who would of known three summers later we would be camping unexpectedly with another wonderful adoptive family! What's even more ironic, (the fire ban alternative) the skim board full of candles and incense is something I would do! Something that is actually placed on my mantle at home as I write.....Have you ever observed or sensed someones aura? Basically getting a feeling onto whom they really are without all the superficial behaviours? I usually know very quickly if I will like and trust someone or not to continue a friendship. I know with this particular family they're very special. Extremely kind and soft natured. They're like a breath of fresh air. It was a good extended day trip that I'm completely grateful for. During our travels home we met another traveler that needed a ride across the ferries. These individuals weren't hitchhikers, they were individuals that needed a ride across the Islands. A typical occurrence that happens for people to commune back and forth on and off the little surrounding Islands. This new father was heading back to work while leaving his 9 month old daughter and wife camping on Hornby Island. His wife camps during the summer while he travels back and forth to be with her on his days off. A bartender tending for a private company that offers services for wedding receptions and different events. Everyone has a story and sometimes while meeting a stranger along our way, or on a beach will bring great friendships. It reminds me of Connie and Arno who I met before Christmas last year....a Christmas Tree story I will cherish forever. Read previous post linked here.... and follow your heart, your senses and when the aura is feeling true, don't be afraid to speak with someone. You'll be surprised what they could mean to you within your or your children's future, possible best buddies forever.

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