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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Family that work together, stay together

Mmmm......I still wouldn't change the Della Falls hiking experience. Although I have been crippled somewhat hobbling around the house with my infected foot on fire. I'm on medication for three months. The problem is I can't be injured in any way. My day doesn't allow me to sit with my foot elevated. Last night my foot felt like it was dipped into lava. It was because I was on it all day long......I did mention by 7pm last night to my children sitting around that help would be much appreciated which brings my attention to the lack of family working together these days. Mmmm....and you would think when parents are ill or have injuries it would make sense to lend a hand. When I was a child, helping around the house wasn't negotiable nor an argument. We were a family and families work together. Now-a-days there is a lack of consideration for another, and even for a family member. My husband and I discuss this with our children all the time. Sometimes I just become quiet, pressing through with “my obligations” which is absolutely everything because I'm the parent serving our children. (In the eyes of a child) Somewhere values have been lost. The meaning of family working together, stays together has been turned into a selfish independent (it's all about me) and “that's not my mess” or “I didn't pee on the toilet” or “those aren't my dishes” ....the comments are endless. Their justification is, “You're the mom, you're the parent, it's your job” Mmmm....really? So I pee on the toilet twenty times a day, I eat off of all those dishes in the sink and I constantly bring in twigs and filth from the outside while rolling in dirt. It's not the point. We all contribute to messes. So therefore everyone living in a house together should be picking up, should be completing dishes if dishes are in the sink, they should be vacuuming, dusting if there's dirt and instead of complaining about what's on, in and hanging off of the toilet or bathtub – clean it. This is my husband and I's biggest complaints right now, the lack of family contribution. I guess it's bothering me more because I'm doing everything with one leg, then I pay for it later. From day one we've tried to enforce chores but I also believe in picking and choosing our battles. We also have a chore checklist and if our children choose to help, they get a check that's worth chore money later. This works for our children that want money. Unfortunately what's sad's still a selfish attempt. What makes me happy is witnessing our children that help without wanting back and not just for one day or sporadically when they feel like it, they help as a contributing person who's a part of our family daily. That's having value. This lazy generation I feel sorry for because it starts at home, then the work place and onto their own home. Success develops first within our own walls. As much as my husband and I preach here at home, try and instill values and the skills for success, it's a 50/50 chance and unfortunately beyond our control, the odds are only that. It does make for a frustrating day to day living for the ones that only work around our home, my husband and I. My complaints while no one cares how swollen my foot really is.......while I stand, walk and feel like I'm going to vomit preparing their dinner. On the flip side.....I know all children are selfish, it's not just ours. Makes me feel better that the majority of this generation is all the same. I can semi have compassion and understanding for it. "Now-a-days people know the price of everything and the value of nothing" - Oscar Wilde

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