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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Della Falls!

Top of Della Falls 
 A glimpse
Love Lake

My sister, my niece, and one of my sons (that has shown interest in hiking) and myself are heading out for a three day hiking trip to Della Falls this Thursday! Della Falls is located in the Strathcona Park across from the Great Central Lake. Access is only by boat across the Great Central Lake which is a 35 km crossing or by helicopter. We are taking the boat to the trail head and starting a 16 km approx. hike to the base of Della Falls. The highest waterfall in Canada. (440 metres high, 1443 feet) I plan on writing everyday about our adventure, taking tons of pictures and sharing our journey. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer! Right now it's preparing home, packing backpacks and celebrating one of our sons fifteenth birthday before we adventure off into the great outdoor wilderness! An experience for my one son that he will never forget is coming and with many more spontaneous adventures ahead for every one of us! My mission and my dedication for our family's experiences continues on!

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