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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cattle herding

A little sad I am. I'm all ready for back to school. I've accepted summer is coming to a close. Although summer moved too fast for me. How can time blow by so fast as it does? I even told my second oldest daughter (that had a baby) that I don't remember my granddaughter as a newborn! She's 4 months old. We're a busy family, there is no time to sit around procrastinating. Every day is a day finished. I prepare my calendar a month ahead. Summer again - is over. A lot of parents look forward to back to school. If I could, I would home school ALL our children and experience life more instead of the embedded 8-5 daily routines we've come accustomed too.  Eventually all our children will be adults and moving on with their own lives while my husband and I contemplate what's next. We might not have the empty nest syndrome ever although I will reflect back wondering if there was something we could have done differently with our time. Routine and structure is a must especially with a large special needs family but that can be tweaked uniquely instead of following Society's routines. Makes me question sometimes if I'm being the parent I believe myself to be, or if come September, we move into the same old cattle routine like absolutely everyone else is best? Year after year, programming our children into the lives of 8-5, following every one else. October is Thanksgiving and Halloween, then comes December with Christmas following another new year, preparing for another short summer......on and on. We follow commercialism. I admit we and even me are creature of habits. I'm feeling ready to figure out something new. Different experiences, breaking free from the cattle herding onto the next field, (the next season) that continues to remain the same. I'm feeling ready to change up life, change the creature of habit that I am guilty of, that I am teaching our children to become..... to a more spontaneous, to more real life experiences, a life that's memorable to reminisce and reflect back on. I realized that I am completely following my own childhood raising my children, I am guilty of following today's Society and its over commercialized routines. While yet another summer comes to an end, and I'm jumping into yet another year of school, I'm going to re-think my calendar. Life is too short and we aren't cattle. To conclude, I feel different adventures and spontaneous decisions lie ahead. More life experiences, more travel with less materials and herding ourselves away from the predicted months ahead.

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