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Saturday, May 28, 2011

We will get-er done!

With our new Adoption placements it's been interestingly busy. We have many children but before our new son and daughter came, the toddler and baby stages were over. Now we're back into the past that we've forgotten. For instance, babies cry to express their needs. (Sometimes scream or yell) Our new daughter is very happy and engaging although when she needs something, we know about it! Too make sure she has good nutrition daily, we feed her with the occasional missing of her mouth right into her hair! I can't even remember the last time we had poop up one of our children's back until today! Oh my goodness, it was straight into the bath and this was happening while the rest of our gang was waiting to go for a walk! Are we happy? "Yes" I awoke this morning hearing a little voice standing over me saying, "Hi Mommy" It was so cute coming from our new son that it didn't matter it was 5am on a Saturday morning! My husband stated tonight that he thought it was going to be a harder transition especially with our new son but he's moved right in like he's always been here. I keep saying, writing, that children are amazing. They really are! I do have to keep reminding myself about the past I forget, the days where I had to run around quickly to finish laundry while our baby was sleeping, where I would take a quick nap while they did. Understanding that younger children (toddlers) need naps during the afternoon or there could be uncontrollable crankiness. Then if the nap is missed, they have to stay up until their bedtime because late naps leads into late nights! This also means rescheduling life. Being that we're a family of all ages, I know our older teenagers have always found it difficult to respect why we need quiet. Unfortunately for them it leads to a boring home life because "quiet time" has always started around 7pm! Now we might have some "quiet afternoons" Before we had control of the noise, now we do not. Thank goodness we live in the sticks! Speaking of sticks, our new son really, really enjoys playing in the dirt, playing with sticks and throwing rocks. He's a typical "Hohnstein boy!" Now I believe my husband and I biggest hurdle will be embracing and accepting not getting everything done around here. I will admit that we both have goals daily that we attempt to achieve, a way with routine that will be altered and to understand that it's "Ok" if it wasn't done that day. That's hard. I'm already thinking how I can slip in baking for the week......BUT lucky for us, there is only one month left of school and routine is out the door anyways! What's that saying? "Don't worry, if we don't get it done today, we will get it done tomorrow!" Although we have loads, I mean loads of dirt fill dropped off clouding our driveway, we have unfinished construction, a trailer for camping that needs TLC before camping........a truck with no gas tank that pulls the trailer; there is a never ending list on top off the "normal" but our children come first and eventually (probably not even tomorrow) we'll "get-er done!" In the meantime, our bonding time has been really good, even with the occasional gagging and the uncontrollable laughter I've been having at my husband!

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  1. So happy that the children seem to be adjusting well! I welcome you to my life. LOL Having a not quite 3 year old who can speak but chooses not to when requesting something, can be very....well you decide! LOL

    Wishing you tonnes of love and laughter as you go through the transition. xox