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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A lucky bunch!

Again and again I can't write enough about the wonderful people we have in our life! Basically becoming actively involved within our adoption community has brought us wonderful supportive friends. Never in my life have I met such beautiful, loving and compassionate individuals, families and children until we started adopting. I feel very appreciative and extremely blessed. Thank you for being a part of our life.........Thank you for supporting our family.

One other important individual that has been working very close with our family, helping us build our family through adoption is our Adoption Social Worker. She's been absolutely wonderful. This is a person that goes above and beyond her work load to make adoption possible. There's not even a big enough gift of appreciation we could give her except for the endless "Thank yous" And if anyone could be recognized for their outstanding compassion with their profession, it would be her.

I believe for a successful adoption it also goes beyond the adoptive family. A great Adoption Worker for starters, Foster parents that are willing to help with a smooth transition, depending on the age and special needs of the children, "the children" and having supportive friends and family.

I was thinking today about families that have adopted and I've noticed in our years of adopting that it's treated differently compared to birthing your own. Families that adopt, especially older children don't have "baby showers" or acknowledgement from many. Usually it's the reaction, the opinion accompanied by vocal comments that's received instead of "Congratulations" I've come so accustomed to comments that when I hear congratulations, I'm not sure what to do or say! Thank you so much for every one's positive blessings!

I also truly believe without our adoption network, AFABC (Adoptive Families Association of BC)and our adoption community that has and continues to grow the length of our Island wasn't available, families like us could feel isolated with being different. We have received more support meeting other families and attending different events then I would have ever imagined! Not only do us as parents benefit, our children have made friends with other adoptive children they can relate too, share pasts with and to continue to gain support into their own futures. These families we wouldn't have met if it wasn't for different events and programs affiliated through AFABC.

Adoption has enlarged our family, brought us love, joy and tears emotionally with different challenges. The one important piece I never thought of when we began was our "supports" through AFABC, through our friends, family and extended family members such as birth family and foster parents. I think we're a lucky bunch and I know I feel appreciative everyday........

Thank you!

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