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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life decisions

We had a rough Monday. Decisions were made to put one of our dogs to sleep. He was sick and unpredictable but being only three years old, it was a hard decision to make. Right now, our other dog Wilbur seems lost without his friend. He's run off numerous of times (probably looking for him) and he seems to wait patiently for his return. I can't imagine how Wilbur feels wondering what happened to his friend he's known all his life. Then some of our children definitely understand and have been impacted by their dog's missing appearance. Sometimes we're questioned, "Where's Kong?" "Did Kong die?" It's sure a reality when a pet is lost. A family member. Even in these two short days the dynamics around here has changed. There is no dog barking, his slobber isn't being cleaned constantly and the smell of sickness is gone. As much as a loss of a pet hurts, (speaking for myself) I feel a sense of relief. Our dog can now rest in peace instead of struggling to live. He had the will but his body was shutting down. On top of his medical issues, he was unpredictable behaviourally which stressed us daily. The decision was the right one, both my husband and I know this. It was just a hard one. Of course this happened in the middle of our pre-placement planning. Both our dogs were going to go to a kennel together, now it will only be one. (Hopefully it's not traumatizing) I was hoping Wilbur could go to a loving home while we were away but it's become interestingly enough juggling our large family around the Island! Thank goodness we have wonderful family and friends! In one weeks time, my husband and I will be visiting our new children then bringing them home! We're also looking forward to having sometime alone. (Not much) but sometime. This is very rare for us as a couple and I know for a fact we'll talk about children! I know when we go out for dinner, we look at each other wondering what we could talk about other then children, our house or car parts?! This afternoon my husband was talking about a 400 pound beam that needed to be brought into the house, that was pretty exciting! Not to mention lifting it! Now that one of our hard decisions is over, we can focus on moving forward with our new additions. Something my husband seems very excited about......and you know me......I've been excited since day one back in July 2010! Just now it's a reality! Even our children are very excited knowing they're getting a new brother and sister, how wonderful is that?! I was having coffee today with a few friends that pointed out that our children won't have resentment towards us leaving for these pre-placement visits because they're going for a holiday too! It's true, the count down is on for all of us! AND I sure do appreciate all our support!

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