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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2011 is "THE" month of this year!

I haven't been writing as much as I used too. For a few reasons. One main reason is because my mind is constantly thinking about what May entails and I'm sure no one wants to read that over and over again! We have a busy month. Excitingly busy of course! Right now my husband has been working on our living room, trying to finish the last part of our house. We have moved one of our sons into a room with his brother making more room for our new son coming! We basically waited until we had placement dates before rearranging and preparing rooms for our new children. I've been looking for name stickers to put above their beds. I have been exceptionally excellent not buying anything, no clothing, nothing. Every time we've adopted I've gone out and bought clothing before our children arrived, kind of like being pregnant. Not this time. So with our own transitioning in our home, moving furniture and preparing for our time away, it's been busy. Not to mention as we move furniture and our children around, we are going through everything. Drawers, closets and toys. It's Spring cleaning all over again! (Everything seems to be working out regardless on how much I can worry) This Thursday we're meeting our new children! We're excited but somewhat in disbelief this is finally happening! A lot of emotions happen during adoption transitioning and not only for our family. For the children's previous foster families and people that have been in their lives up until now. I'm hoping that not only are we gaining a son and daughter, we can keep significant people that have loved them in their lives. People that can still be a part of our family just like our Grandma Marcy. (A previous foster parent) Now an extended family member to all of us, to all of our children. Who knows what the future will hold, most importantly right now, it's about the children. During our excitement our bigger dog has fallen ill. (His picture above) He's been sick for quite sometime. He has up and down days. This week it's been down. So in the process of this exciting month we've been also deciding about the life of our four year old dog. Unfortunately next week we've decided to put him to sleep. (I think) His issues are too extensive. Another huge change because our animals are a part of our family. Basically when life changes, it changes in leaps and bounds. My husband is having a hard time dealing with another loss of a pet. He's the one that takes them to our Veterinarian because I can't witness their passing. For us May 2011 is huge, it will be the most significant month this year. Lots of emotions, lots of changes and we will move onward as a big happy family. One May day at a is a day of errands to prepare for a perfect Thursday!

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