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Friday, May 6, 2011

"It's a lottery around here!"

"We won the lottery!" As my friend that recently adopted had said! The other side of adoption is bringing our children home after the waiting, the paperwork and the political process that hinges on if and when an adoption occurs. My husband and I were delighted meeting our new son and daughter. I'm not going to get into great detail about our children because of privacy concerns although we feel we've won the lottery! For us, we don't understand why on earth others wouldn't want to adopt children!? They make our life. We're so blessed with all our children. All our children are excited with their new brother and sister coming in two short weeks! It's going to change our lives and we'll definitely have a transition period but our life is full of joy. Our new son is extremely intelligent and completely engaging. Our new daughter is happy and beautiful inside and out! I couldn't birth myself amazing children that we've adopted. We are so grateful to our Adoption Social Worker and all the professionals involved and most importantly we're grateful that our children except us as their forever parents. That's why we devote ourselves as best as we can to provide a loving, stable and a home of healing and happiness. To be the Mother and Father they deserve. This Mother's Day I don't need anything, I don't need material trinkets or food, I already have my Mother's Day gift, our children. This May transition wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for our supportive friends that have adopted themselves. Again, I can't stress enough what adoption has brought us. I would have never known in the beginning we would have 14 wonderful children. I never realized we would have a community of other adoptive families become a part of ours and add extended family through our children's pasts such as birth family members and foster parents. I can understand why people question and look at us as different. It's "Ok" because I truly believe we are more blessed then the average family and that's something we walk proud knowing. I had a over 600 pictures I needed to develop off my camera since September 2010. I was able to bring it down to 420! When I went back to pick up our pictures the lady asked, "Are you a foster family?" Of course I'm quick to correct, "No, these are all my children" Which brought my attention back again to how even today's society doesn't question adoption first. It's either we're a foster home or caregivers of some sort. Adoption means permanency, (a Mother and Father) it means that every child we adopt are our children. They aren't "In care" of the Ministry anymore. They take our last name, we can add or change names, they receive a Birth Certificate stating that my husband and I are their parents. Adoption is the same as if I birthed them myself. We are now their legal guardians forever. (Their past history's of course is another story) I'm never upset by being questioned but I like to educate and advocate for our family. About adoption, what it means and how it's so important that children have a family. Foster care is a temporary solution, so even children here in British Columbia need adopting! For us, it comes easier then some, adoption isn't for everyone. Basically the question to ask yourself, "Are you up for the challenge?" From the starting of the adoption process too raising your new child/children forever is a commitment with many different surprises along your way! Most importantly accepting and having unconditional love is qualities that are important for a successful family built through adoption. We always love our children before the adoption placement occurs, like I've been pregnant, waiting for their arrival! Now soon, we'll have a delivery and we'll continue to educate that adoption is an important piece in children's lives and that's what we do, not "caregive"

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  1. Amen Sister!!! We feel the same as you do. We've won the lottery and now we're waiting for our number to be drawn again!

    Congratulations on your beautiful new additions! xoxoxox