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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We're was a long emotional week. I'm not exactly sure where to begin. Being an adoptive parent can be very difficult during the pre-placement visits because sometimes we're in the position of removing children from loving foster homes. My husband and I felt horrible which made it difficult to be excited during what normally is a very exciting time. We were travelling to and from two different foster homes that were at least one hour a part. Our children lived separately from one another until today. As much as we felt like home destroyers, we would watch both siblings interact together, laugh and play which made their adoption make sense. These two siblings needed to be together. There is many details I'm not going to write about. Ultimately now home, I know we did what's in the best interest of the children. We're a very lucky family to be blessed with such lovely children. During our transition time away, our other children had fun camping, boating and staying with friends. I thank everyone for helping us and making our children feel comfortable with memories that will last a lifetime. Arriving home near dinner was interesting, slightly juggling with all the unpacking and the excitement of a new brother and sister. We ordered pizza! As much as I'm happy, I've been emotionally drained with some circumstances through-out our week then to hear a dear friends beautiful son passed away suddenly. My heart aches and goes out for my friend and her family. With our happiness and excitement there is many sorrows.

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  1. Welcome home everyone!!!!
    For the moment, focus on your new found joys. Bring your family together and rejoice.

    Love and Hugs.