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Monday, April 18, 2011

Feeling the love....

I'm feeling the love. Teenagers. They're interestingly loving. So loving that they hide all the phones, then the phones batteries are dead. Not answering incoming calls. So loving they love the fridge, opening and peering in over and over again at the mayonnaise that was there before. So loving that they come home with other teenage friends, friends that I have to feed. So loving that when I go to bed they insist on peering in at the mayonnaise a few more times! My husband said for us to try something new for our loving teenagers. Clearly there's a love for the fridge. SO we've decided to put different items in the fridge for our loving teenagers to look at! These items will change periodically once in awhile. Just for my pure amusement of course! See I can understand our younger children still learning to pull out their sock balls, clean out their pockets, close the fridge door but when you're a teenager, the courtesy should be instilled. Sometimes I'm tired of repeatedly asking, "What are you looking for in the fridge that wasn't there five minutes ago?" Well now I don't have to ask. It's a spider and a mask! (For now) If you know me, you know I can be very creative with my ideas. I love my teenagers just as much as they love me! Of course these are all normal little traits that most teenagers seem to have but it's slightly irritating. They don't seem to understand that the washing machine and the fridge is a necessity around here. Leaving the fridge door open is not a great idea nor is items in their pockets going through the wash cycle. The learning mind is an interesting delicate organ that needs constant reminders and explanations. For instance here we are having our heat on for warmth during these colder months. While one of our sons decides it would be more comfortable with his room window open, not only open but with a fan going, the television on, lights and his computer on all night. The love is bountiful with our hydro bill. We're constantly shutting off his room, checking to make sure the window is locked tight and picking up after him. So what is a Mother to do? I've been thinking and came up with an idea. Not an original one but I've decided to try reminder notes like picture cues. That way (hopefully) the nagging stops. The only question I will have to ask is, "What are you looking at?" because the cues will be in bold print. My husband wants to add motion sensors so once the room is vacated or motionless, the lights turn off on their own! Teenagers are fun. Eventually they will understand there is reasons why "rules" are in place. Recently we had to explain the MP3 or Ipod's with the headphones will be taken away because it seems it's a tool to ignore us when talking. Do I ever feel the love when the Ipod music is turned up louder when I'm trying to speak! Now the headphones come off the head before engaging in any conversation or "Bye bye love, bye bye happiness, hello loneliness, they'll sing with no Ipod!" Teenagers are so loving when they walk away........I'm definitely feeling the love. My husband and I discussed some of these disrespectful behaviors, we've decided we're back to three strikes you're out. One step, two step, three and done. Computer, Ipod or television time will be gone. My husband decided not to argue but to prevent certain issues from arising such as our front door. How many times do you ask your child to close the door? So he decided to change the hinges to spring loaded hinges so the door automatically closes itself. The coats on the floor is next! Our children have a hard time hanging up their jackets because their excuse is it falls off the hanger. Well "surprise" for their future, my Husband is going to make a lowered peg board with their names just like they have at their school. (No more excuses) Using prevention techniques, different tactics and discipline that works with consistency, a bad habit can be changed even in a wonderful loving teenager!

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