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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dandelion smiles

Our little son today was the cutest little boy walking. I took our son out to walk the beaches with our dog Wilbur. Our son decided to start picking me flowers. Dandelion flowers. He kept saying, "Mom they are everywhere, you should plant these flowers at home too!" I explained to him that these are the only flowers he was allowed to pick. So he was gathering them up by the handfuls. During our walk he decided to start handing them out. Every person walking by, he handed them a flower. Ladies and Gentlemen of all ages including teenagers were getting flowers. Every one had a smile on their face thanking my little boy. He would continue walking on his mission saying, "You're welcome" in his tiny little voice. He was so proud of himself. Not only was he proud, so was I. I thought how wonderful it was to make another person smile. How easily thoughtful of a little boy walking on a mission to make a strangers day brighter. Normally I don't let our children speak to strangers but today was a day of genuine sunshine along the boardwalk. Kindness comes in different forms and sometimes it only takes a dandelion to change the course of someones day. Our son didn't see it as a dandelion but a beautiful bouquet for his Mother shared amongst others. It was really something to witness. I love when I see this compassion from our children. This innocence that this world is a perfect place. Today it was and I know for a fact that our son made a difference to some of these people passing him by. Tonight in their home they're probably telling their significant other about the dandelion they received today while out walking their dog. Afterwords we were waiting in this store line behind a young man having troubles paying for his goats milk. He was explaining he was just paid today but his bank wasn't allowing the transaction through. He tried several times while my son and I waited behind him. I could hear people behind us "sighing" impatiently while he tried the transaction again. I watched his frustration and embarrassment levels flush into his cheeks. I looked at the screen where the amount was only $7.98 and thought this could be as simple as handing out a dandelion. I told the cashier to add his milk to my bill. For me, $7.98 will go by unnoticed, for many $7.98 will go by unnoticed and same with how this young man was feeling. People "sighing" wasn't helping the situation nor was a compassionate choice on their part while he's clearly struggling with paying for something he needs. You know, I have a lot of time to think. (Standing in line today I was thinking) Even with all my children, I think about life, people and how a simple gesture can change someones day. I think about why some people choose to "sigh" or "snicker" at another. All our circumstances can improve or change where one day, $7.98 will matter to us, like this young man today. I would hope that "Paying it forward" will continue to move through-out our lives to help one another instead of snickering at ones circumstance. I don't ever want our children to stand back and not help another if they could. Today was a great day, a day I will remember because my little son took it upon himself to hand out dandelions he picked. A day where we stood in line and my son witnessed his Mother helping another. That a day doesn't go by without acknowledging others. This as I've written before is the most important quality I want our children to have. Compassion for others. For me, at the end of the day it's about productiveness. Today I didn't accomplish anything although I'm happy, smiling and proud to reflect back knowing that in ten other people's thoughts, is a little glimpse of dandelion. And that's productive in my eyes.

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