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Monday, April 25, 2011

Stand By Me - Everyday

Music. Every day music can change the way we feel. It did for me this morning. I started listening to Melissa Etheridge, "If it makes you happy" while putting away another three loads of laundry! Instantly my mood changed and laundry became a little twist here and a little twist there! I definitely have my favorites. Another favorite of mine, a classic is "Stand by me" The song "Stand by me" I love! It reminds me when I was a teenager walking to all my destinations singing this song! Above is the song "Everyday" by Buddy Holly, another song played in the movie, "Stand by me" If you haven't seen this classic, it's great with great songs! Of course all the old classic songs are redone by many different artists with interesting versions these days but regardless songs that uplift any mood! Like this song above.....makes me smile. "Every day seems a little longer.... every way loves a little stronger"...... even our children love these older classic songs. Easy to sing, catchy to swing into and not only can change a mood, make a smile, it uplifts our thoughts. I'm even convinced finding the right songs for the right occasion can change any atmosphere including even a child's dull mood! Like colors, our surroundings ultimately can reflect on how we are. Being a holiday Monday, our children are home helping clean. Most of the time what child wants to clean? Ours do today with music and a little twisting with each toy that's placed on the shelf. Not everything has to resemble work, adding flare like Buddy Holly can lighten a room! If you haven't watched the movie, "Stand by me" Watch alone or with your partner first because its content might not be good for some younger viewers. It's a movie that reminds me of myself somewhat looking for adventure, getting into situations and really connecting with some childhood friends. Children these days are so connected to electronics that without their parents push for the outdoors experience, they won't have memories like these. Like mine. I believe music is important but most importantly the outdoors is something no child should miss! Every day its a getting closer...... going faster then a roller coaster.........Get out, play and experience with your children! Dance, smile and "Don't worry, Be happy!"

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  1. Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane and for reminding me that music helps shape memories as well as moods, and bodies.

    Love and Hugs...