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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bieber Fever!

(Picture provided by News & Gossip)
For the first time in awhile I've been stumped on what to write. I've been stumped because my mind mainly has been thinking about our next few months that I can't write about. I would love to share but not yet. So it leaves me hanging, wondering about the next best idea I could possibly share today!? It's Justin Bieber! The Bieber fever! This talented young boy is a Canadian pop R/B singer/song writer and actor. In 2008 Justin was discovered on You tube. Justin was raised in Stratford Ontario with his Mother living in low-income housing. As Justin matured he taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar and the trumpet. Unfortunately Justin has been criticized for looking and sounding younger than his age. Although Justin has won four times with the American Music Awards, won for favorite international artist, won awards from the MTV Europe, MTV Video and Much Music. Also Teen Choice, Juno and NME awards! There is many more awards plus tons of nominations! Justin Bieber is extremely popular all over the world! Not only for his music, for his acting abilities too! Justin has been on Saturday night live, guest starred on Silent Library, School Girls, CSI, Hubworld, The X Factor, Extreme Makeover, Home Edition and recently released his true bibliography movie, Justin Bieber, "Never say Never" You're probably wondering why I'm writing about Justin Bieber? First off, I don't listen to his music. I don't mind his music but what I do find intriguing about Justin is he came from hard ship, a life of financial struggles. His single parent up-bringing while his Mother worked for low paying office positions, living in low-income housing didn't stop Justin from becoming his dream. I don't know everything about Justin Bieber, I haven't watched his movie "yet" What I do know is I completely adore the fact that his circumstances never stopped his talent, his dedication to succeed in his life. I plan on renting his movie when it's available in hopes that our children will learn something or develop an appreciation for who Justin Bieber is. You don't have to like his music but you don't have to join the "in crowd" hating Justin Bieber either. It seems our children think its "cool" to find any reason not to like Justin Bieber. Interestingly ignorant and completely naive running around hating a talented icon. An icon known to billions all around the world for his talent. A young boy who didn't succumb to his surroundings but changed his life by believing and making a difference. That's nothing to hate. I think for that small population of children and young adults that don't understand his triumph, his successes, need to realize it's "not cool" to follow the hate club because they're the ones looking foolish. Far as I'm concerned Justin Bieber is a positive role model, basically showing the world that it doesn't matter where you come from, who you are, what your circumstances are and how young you are; with dedication and the belief you can be who you want to be in this world, you can do it. I'm thankful for artists like Justin because besides his talents in music and acting, he's a young man that succeeded from his hard work with practice, patience and dedication that I always preach to our children to have. Now they just need to understand with having these qualities (maybe some day) they will be just as popular as Justin Bieber - hated or not! Funny, I was trying to explain the other night about Justin Biebers music being destroyed by imitators. What they don't seem to realize is, "Justin doesn't care" he's making millions off of all the copycat song destroyers anyways! Ultimately in the grand scheme of being famous, disliked or adored, Justin Bieber made it from his hard work and good for him!

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