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Thursday, April 28, 2011


These are our canines. Loyal pets that love our family. I've been having weird dreams lately that make me think about different topics. My dream last night was I left our animals secretly at someone else's home while they were away. When they returned, they had two new pets. (Mine) When I came home I was saddened by what I did. I abandoned our pets, leaving them at a place that wasn't their own. I felt horrible. During my dream the "new owners" came by our home and returned our dogs explaining to never leave our responsibilities on their door step. I was relieved and awoke suddenly searching for my dogs. They say dreams are connected to our reality. Although when I went to bed last night, I wasn't thinking about abandoning our pets. I often wonder about the fate of our larger dog "Kong" being that he's sick but passing off our commitment to them isn't in my vocabulary. I've been a vivid dreamer all my life and it's said that it's self exploration and insights into your own life. With believing this somewhat it makes me think about our commitments, our responsibilities of being dog owners for as long as they live. We adopt children, we understand and dedicate our lives to parent which comes completely with 100 percent understanding. (For some parents it doesn't come that easy) For some animal owners it definitely doesn't. The novelty of owning an animal wears off. Through-out our lives we've owned many pets and usually they last over ten years. Tens years of their life where training, cleaning, pampering, feeding, grooming, walking and believe me; after ten years they don't smell as good as when they were a puppy! They cost more with veterinarian costs. It's an ongoing dedication once purchasing a pet into your life. I hear of so many stories about abandoned animals, animals that have been abused and neglected. The same stories that I've heard about children that end up in care, needing to be adopted. When I think about our pets, I see them look at me with love in their eyes, complete loyalty, trust and forgiveness when they're left behind. I always apologise leaving them home. Everyone including animals need placements that will last their lifetime. I know how hard it was for our children to move continually before being adopted and I can imagine it's the same for people's unwanted pets. I believe pets develop attachment issues and with that, it can ultimately destroy their life. My dream isn't a reality but a thought to remind individuals before considering adding an animal into their life, consider the commitment.

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