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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Exciting & Crazy we are!" And "That's OK!"

Lately I've been throwing little hints here and there about adopting again. I know there is many other families waiting to adopt. The waiting process is and can be very long for several different reasons. Last summer in July 2010 we semi-started a process to adopt two children. In August 2010 we had the children's Guardian worker and Supervisor come for a visit which made the idea of adoption more official. During the fall months unfortunately there was a change in job positions which left no Guardian worker until January 2011. While the new worker caught up with the children's files and I'm sure an overload of paperwork, we continued to wait. Everything came to a completion on our side sooner then the children's side. Now we're in the process of "getting ready" for their arrival almost a year later since we heard of these two little darlings. In a matter of days we're going to know dates and the plan for our pre-placement visits leading up to their adoption placement. In one week, we're meeting our new children! Exciting? Yes. Our dynamics will change once again with the welcoming of our two beautiful already loved children. I know people wonder and will continue to wonder on how we manage, why we want to raise 14 children. Our reasoning's never seem to matter because from the individuals asking don't and probably will never understand. It's interesting because we've had our two proposed children on our wall for almost a year and I had a family member call asking just recently, "Are we adopting again?" "Yes of course" I replied with the response, "Crazy" This word crazy I hear often. It's a word that doesn't bother me anymore because if I'm crazy adopting children then crazy is what I am. (I must do it well) I also wonder when referring to the word "Crazy" Do people realize it means "Insanity?" Clearly if I were insane, I wouldn't be a Mother to 14 children. Behaviourally I have it under control except when mashing potatoes or punching bread dough! Nonetheless a large family for us is not insane, it's loving a child that needs a Mother and a Father, a family to call home forever. If we can do it, let me ask you this, "Why not?" Recently I took my Mother to her first Imax film. The Imax was called, Born to be wild. True stories of two woman in different countries looking after abandoned Elephants and Orangutan babies. It was heart warming. These two different ladies have dedicated their lives to raise and release these animals back into the wild. While watching I couldn't help think about these woman, woman that chose a life to change lives of abandoned wild animals. This is their path and they love what they do. I wondered what their friends and family thought but then again, it didn't matter. These ladies were following where their hearts lead them and I thought that was awesome. Like my husband and I, our paths are lead by our hearts and that's with our children. Our family. So regardless what people may think, we're happy. We're excited and we're fortunate because we have a path we want to follow. So as our excitement heightens with our two new children's arrival and our dedication that follows, it's our life and it's "Ok" to be "Crazy" if that's what we are!

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  1. You're crazy alright! Crazy like a fox! LOL
    I'm going to use some cliche's now so please forgive me.
    These children are so fortunate to be joining your wonderful, loving, and accepting family, but you are fortunate to be gaining such wonderful, beautiful children to call your own forever.
    Congratulations on your two newest additions!
    Love and Hugs,