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Monday, July 1, 2013

Our own city

The last couple of days gearing into summer has been great. Wrapping up school with a nice dinner with friends, yes another adoptive family that is very sweet. They brought over a wonderful smorgasbord dessert! Thank you so much Sherry and Mike and their beautiful daughter! Then we met another large adoptive family on Sunday that I befriended through the internet a year ago or more. We ventured off to our local swimming hole followed by a weeny roast. It was another great day without incident with over twenty children! The beauty I find with other adoptive families is our children accept each other and very quickly. I also enjoyed spending time with Angeline, "The mother" and one day wasn't nearly enough. It's sad when great families live so far a part! Thank you Angeline for a great day with your children! The picture below is the jumping spot into the river!

This picture is just some of our children connecting with each other...

On Canada Day we spent the day with more adoptive family friends. Again without incident, our families enjoyed endless swimming and more hot dogs! Thanks to my friend Bonnie, she's been a great friend since the day we met! I often joke about how adoptive families should build their own city, where the grass is green, the acceptance and compassion for each other is as beautiful as a blossoming flower.....Yeah right! I'm kidding.......although it is refreshing spending time with other families that just accept us, and without judgement. Not only are we all great support networks for each other, (we can just exist) befriend without question. I really do love my friends, camping is next with two more wonderful adoptive families! Plus many more endless days with more adoptive friends! Our summer is packed full with our own already developed city!

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