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Sunday, July 14, 2013

My world consists of all cultures

Our first camping trip was successful with a few bumps. The first few days was challenging, actually very frustrating to say the least. Not because our camper fridge blew up or two of our boat tubes ripped and we bent and cracked the propeller blade on the boat....not because my husband and I continually worked, cleaned, cooked and dealt with some behaviours on a daily basis....not that some of our children behaviours were completely embarrassing bringing some of our camping neighbours to stare at us......nor was it because nightly I had to lay down our one and a half year old over and over for hours. It was because some of our neighbours, ( separated into 3-4 different campsites that surrounded us) were completely the rude ones. I introduced ourselves, I even suggested that if any of my children are behavioural in anyway near them to let me know. Everything seemed perfect. Then as the first few days continued, our neighbours were drunk from the moment they awoke to the time they went to bed. I don't have a problem with people drinking and having fun, I've been there and I've done that. Although they became belligerent and extremely rude. Even when they weren't drunk, they were a group of people that I haven't experienced in awhile that squished all my understanding and compassion out from underneath me. I was feeling angry. I tried keeping it to myself although when something new was said or done towards my family, I became enraged inside. You're probably curious onto what would enrage me, basically change my personality so wasn't the fact we were stared at continuously, spoke about like we couldn't hear, not because we were judged as a larger cultural special needs family. It was the racial slurs loud enough for my children to hear. “Look at all them Sasquatches” If I wasn't trying to keep my composure for my children, I would have lost it. My husband was away and I didn't want to have any confrontations. There was one evening when they threw a sausage at us while we were sitting right there. I'm not sure the significance of what a sausage meant or if it meant anything at all. Maybe Sasquatches love sausages, I don't know but for the two days they were here, we felt uncomfortable. When they left our camping resumed in a much peaceful atmosphere with several new lovely neighbours that our children befriended. It takes all kinds of people to make our world go around but honestly my compassion is gone for the racist ones. I still don't and will never understand why people like this think they're superior and that it's acceptable to act within this manner. Just plain ignorant and it's so not tolerable. On a better note, my father and mother joined us for two nights and our children seemed to really enjoy their company. Kids love their grandparents. Every moment should be shared between us all. I definitely appreciate that my parents are actively involved in our children lives. I never had grandparents, it's special. Then on a separate day, on one of our sons birthday, my parents surprised us showing up with presents, a cake and a few items for my littlest son and grand baby. A very nice surprise! On our sixth night some of our children were building glow light stick flowers. I enjoy their creativity and encourage the mud patty making, stick house building and ant capturing. Reminds me of my childhood where electronic games didn't exist, or at least I don't remember owning any. Where collecting huckleberries to make pies was the morning plan. My world was a lot different, I figure a lot better then the generations being developed today. I have my parents to thank for that. My world wouldn't be perfect if I was able to control it but it would diminish a lot of faults just leaving the imperfections for the rest of us to accept. God knows I'm not perfect. If I'm accepted for who I am, for who my family is; I am a happy camper. I will protect, advocate and support when needed otherwise I will try not to be confrontational and irrational. I will love, have compassion and understand what I can but I will not accept ignorance towards the colour of our skin. Black, brown, white, green or tattooed – we're all the same. Out of the ten days for our first camping trip, two of them were testing my patience with people. The highlights took over with our childrens' grandparents and my oldest daughter joining us near the end. Our children forgot our ignorant neighbours and I will too. After all, my world doesn't relate to racism but rather only fills it with all cultures. Above are some of our camping pictures, including where I purchased a much needed coffee on our tenth day driving home!

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