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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Be unique

I'm waving to the city of Nanaimo from the top of Notch Hill. "See my shadow?" We're one month into summer and camping has cramped my exercising. It was refreshing to sit on the top in silence on a clear night.
One of my sons made me a bracelet, it put Pandora to shame.....I promised I would wear it all summer!
 We had four birthdays during the month of July. For one of our sons birthday he picked mini-golfing. So off we went......during golfing I noticed my sons footwear! If my son is happy and comfortable, there was no worries in our world!
We're in between camping trips, (home for a few weeks) venturing off on day trips.....and getting caught up until our next BIG adventures! Stay safe, enjoy and experience life! Get outside! Wear two different shoes - be unique, be yourself - Me.

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