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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blue Angels

My childhood swimming hole

The beans that started "Blue Angels"
 Chess, the "down time"
Brushing teeth camping style!
Our second camping trip was successful. No injuries. No ignorant individuals. Just beautiful scenery with endless giggles. We camped with friends and for five nights we enjoyed daily walks and bike rides, swimming in the river, river rafting (with tubes) and a day trip to McIvor Lake. My father and mother that lives in Campbell River visited us daily and a few times joined us with our daily walks. (Seen below)

Our evenings consisted of campfires, smores, popcorn and campfire nachos! I received many "tips" from our friends for different food ideas. Besides eating, there was card tricks, games, glow stick creations and sport games. There was many highlights with this camping trip, one was called the "Blue Angels" I told our friends that I might call this post the "Blue Angels" and since our children, especially our boys will be talking about it forever - there is no other title more fitting then "Blue Angels" (Seen in the following link below) If you don't know about the blue angels, it's basically lighting the emission of gas from your behind. That flatulence with the influence of beans (lol) will turn a flame blue! So while out camping, we lost our manners for at least a night and expelled gas for memory fun!

Besides making memories, I had memories of my own. I grew up in this area. My old elementary school is boarded closed, my childhood home doesn't resemble that beautiful place with a weeping willow tree anymore......the forest I used to play in is houses. It's just that - memories. The existence has no resemblance.
My elementary school

That's why photographs and our memories are so important because regardless what anyone believes, I know that parts of our lives, and our childhood memories do define us in some ways. I camp with our children because I camped as a child. I bake (punching bread) because my mother did. We giggle at blue angels because life is suppose to be fun with different surprises. Life cycles are true......and I know some of our children had a rough start so my mission as their mother is to create great memories so they can continue with their own children. One important point to adoption, to having children;  is just that....a lifestyle change to a more positive, memorable and cycle building fun-filled life so traditions aren't lost, or don't (hopefully) continue on the wrong path. Having children should be just that - great memories.

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