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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Off we go regardless of any blow-ups!

We had a good birth family visit, visiting the birth mother, birth father, a grandmother and a great grandmother. An openness we honor twice a year. I believe as long as it's healthy for our children, then openness with adoption is good. During our long day of traveling, my friend and her two daughters accompanied us. It was a great day just during our travels together. My friend's daughters were absolutely wonderful with my children throughout the day. The company and support was just what I needed! My husband stayed home this trip struggling with our camping trailer. We're heading out camping for a few weeks on July 4th and our trailer fridge blew up! The smell of gas was everywhere! Long story longer, we refuse replacing the fridge for $2000.00 and the part my husband needs is located in Nova Scotia. So this camping expedition is coolers! We have 17 of us camping, squishing into one site, with the option for our older adults to join us making a total of 20 people. I've been constantly making remarks about when we arrive, "we'll clear out our neighbors or they'll develop claustrophobia!" My husband isn't staying, (lucky him) he will set me up then leave to work and attend the Kiss concert for his birthday! "Surprise" on my part! For now, it's packing up and moving into a two week adventure! Stay tuned, within two weeks I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to reminisce! Then we have a few days of unloading, and re-packing while off to another camping adventure with some wonderful friends! That might make 40 of us with two families on our next trip! Sounds like a great time to me! I wonder if the slugs will escape the liquid of the glow-sticks this time?!

PS - remember, if we can - you can! Enjoy your summer!

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