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Thursday, July 18, 2013

As simple as blowing out candles

Wow, feels great when something actually works for once. My blogger has been not working for at least a week which is a minimal complaint compared to what has been going on around here. We're a day behind for our second camping trip. Finally leaving July 19th and yes, still living out of coolers (a longer story) we're heading out! This 8 day camping trip consists of no electricity or water hookups. Last year was a success camping with another large family, this trip should be just as successful! During our 5 days at home it's been frustrating and without any details.......I'm glad we're onto a new adventure!

Also this week we moved our second oldest son out of his place and while getting ready for our next camping trip, we're also saying, "Good luck" to our sons new chosen career path. He's moving to Fort St. John and working with a well established company driving trucks. For a young adult we're proud that he has the motivation to work hard, and to obtain certifications to help him become successful in his life. So as much as he's moving far away, I'm happy and proud that he's doing so. Good for him! I can honestly write that I believe his life will become all that he wants because he works respectfully hard with determination.

In July we have four birthdays. My husbands, one son turned 13, our littlest daughter turns 6 July 19th and one son is turning 5 next week.  For our littlest daughter we celebrated tonight. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her three times, lighting the candles every time. Just singing and blowing out the candles for our daughter is a perfect birthday!

In conclusion - I wish everyone a non-frustrating, drama limiting and a stress free week. We all deserve a easy peaceful life working together because with every birthday, we're all one year older and life is passing us by. Life can be as simple and as beautiful, we just have to choose it that way - like blowing out candles. For us - I also wish this for ourselves, reminding myself everyday when I awake to make this a good day, if not for the people around me - for myself.

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