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Thursday, April 25, 2013

"The impossible"

A stressful week. If any ones life is stressful, call me. (I can make you feel better) Although it's over and there is many years left for stressful weeks. To end, we watched a movie called, " The impossible" A true movie about a family on vacation in Thailand where a earthquake triggered a massive tsunami. One of the most devastating natural catastrophes on record. A family after surviving the tsunami were separated. Not only separated but severely injured. The mother under went several near death surgeries. The family searched for each other for days...............then amazingly they reunited. A true story. Weird on how after our own week of stress I ended up watching "The impossible" Basically reconfirming nothing is impossible with hope. My mind went wild on me this week loosing communication with our oldest daughter while she's been traveling Central America alone. I was prepared to leave this coming weekend to retrace her every step. With our technology of the internet once again - we located her whereabouts, then shortly after we heard from her. Life can quickly change. From one minute to the next it's completely unpredictable. I can't stress enough to love each other minute by minute......we really don't know from one day to the next. Feeling loss and feeling loss of hope is the worst feeling of all. Regardless of your situation, onto how hard your day might become - continue to have hope, be positive and above all believe. It's life - affirming. For the past couple of months my husband and I have been through lots of trials. Mostly I have shared on my blog from many hospital visits, to flying clear across Canada reuniting with our daughter, to becoming grandparents, to thinking we lost our oldest daughter while traveling. There is more...........but without getting into great detail - I am so so grateful given our large family that we're pushing through still with strength, love and the security of each other. Tonight, above all nights after a week I'm resting in peace knowing there's got to be a higher existence then just us - because honestly I feel I've been guided with many hard choices, and the strength to believe I'm choosing what's right. My blog won't explain my past couple of months clearly......but personally I'm willing to share if asked. It's pretty amazing and I'm a skeptical, practical person just in "awe" lately on prayer. For my daughter traveling.....I am proud of her bravery to do so, I just want her home safe and sound to share her experiences. My thoughts for tonight are, "I love my family as it grows larger with not only my children, my grandchild, and our significant others - with good people. You can never have a big enough family. Family (people) loving (people) is what life is all about" - Me. The day our oldest daughter left traveling, I took her picture seen below. I can't express enough; constantly take pictures.

Our oldest,
to return home soon!

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