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Sunday, April 7, 2013


The last few days have been busy with birthdays, (we have four children turning 13 within a few months) and my lists of endless appointments and chores to do. I've tried to write several times drawing a blank. This doesn't happen very often. I guess waiting for my grandchild to be born, while baking up storms, and endless grocery shopping I have a lack of words. I've been up my little hill (Notch) several times, I even re-arranged the grave that still exists. It looked like someone disrespectfully knocked it around. One thing that really bothers me is people that destroy others existences of being there. Like Inuksuks. I love building them, leaving them for others to enjoy knowing that someone was in that area. A landmark. Inuksuks for me teach me patience, when walking away after hours of balancing - I always hope others would recognize the amount of time and most importantly that someone took the time to say, "Heh I was here" instead of destroying it in less then a few seconds kicking it over. Soon I will bring flower peddles and show my respect to this little grave. It's probably someones pet, regardless what it is - respect it will get. As I continue with my own hour a day with fitness, changing my eating lifestyle while continuing to cook and bake for my family - I'm always feeling successful at the end of it. My own way of respecting myself. No big news in this post. We're doing really good considering our large dynamics and with that - we're always working on respect for everyone and everything.

"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners" - Laurence Sterne.

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