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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hohnstein's & Gilbert's

Who would of known the future......I remember the first day I met Cathy. In my kitchen signing papers to run support groups, potluck dinners and events. From there the events lead to relationships, teenage challenges and now our families "The Hohnstein's & The Gilbert's" reunite. Our daughter, and their son had a beautiful baby girl together. Two large adoptive families with sixteen children each become family forever. That makes 30 Aunts and Uncles for this little girl! Speaking for myself, I'm glad our families are family. One main reason is because us grandparents are experienced, I believe we will be on the same page while living out of the same book for years to come. Thank you for giving me permission to use our pictures.... to share our story. I know both of us grandma's want to write a book one day - I can't wait to read about the endings. In hopes for positive outcomes. For now, a whole new level of relationships emerge. 

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