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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party is on!

It's birthday season again......actually starting right after the New year, we have birthdays! January there is one, February there is one, March there is two, April there is three, May there is one, June there is none, July there is four, August there is one, September there is two, October there is none, November there is one and December there is Christmas! That's our immediate family. I was standing in line waiting to pay for some party favors the other day and I heard the lady behind me say to her daughter, "I'm so glad you only have one birthday a year!" I chuckled inside thinking, one birthday a year?! It's always a party around here! It's a slam dunk and onto the next party planning. For our children we always give them their own choice of birthday. For example, our son above wanted to invite school friends to a party place while another asks to go to the movies with one friend. What's really nice is when our children ask, "Can I go out for dinner with you Mom?" So every birthday is completely different and our children choose. It's their day. I remember for our son's sixteenth, we took him to a place where he tried to eat the biggest burger ever! If he ate this burger it was free. Well it was payed for but the novelty trying was memorable enough. My second oldest daughter always likes going out with her, "Mama" as she calls me. We go out for dinner, a movie and shopping. A typical girls outing. We've done everything I think. Rock climbing, swimming, gymnastics, McDonald's, Cyber City, sleep-overs, home parties, jumping castles, magicians and clowns. It's amazing really the parties that go on here! Then they start to get older and want piercings, tattoos and money! Of course I'm talking about older, like our oldest daughter turning twenty one this year. She would love to go to Vegas like any other typical twenty one year old. When I was twenty one I had my second child. The biggest deal is when our sons turned sixteen and the only thing they wanted to do was go take their learners test. Then when they turn seventeen they want to go take their drivers test receiving their "N" For myself, my birthday is the thing of the past! (Ha ha) I enjoy celebrating all our children's birthdays, our extended families birthdays and our friends birthdays. Celebrating the day they were born should be special to that person. Now we have two weeks until the next, I wonder what she'll choose to do? Party is on! .......................

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