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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life is beautiful

This is me, sitting on Botanical Beach! Seaweed tree!

"We're spoiled, beautiful"

I laughed on Friday hearing we were in a "deep freeze" While I laughed I was getting ready for a hike along the West Coast trail. I hiked a part of the Juan de Fuca trail in Port Renfrew. I ended up hiking ten km down on the Botanical beach. I took over sixty photographs and believe it or not, these pictures above are from Saturday. February 26th! With the mixture of sunshine, snow and rain it was a beautiful adventure. I spent time just appreciating everything around me. I always explain to our children that everything and anything is worth stopping, taking a moment to enjoy what Mother Nature has provided us. Our lives are busy, we're constantly hustling on a daily basis, commuting back and forth to somewhere but it takes no time noticing our surroundings. Everything is absolutely amazing. The rock formations created by the ocean tides, the contrast of colors from the sea to the sky is brilliant and every weed has it's purpose. In many of my past posts I often wrote about nature and on how it makes me so happy to hear our children connect with it. I remember finding cement blocks and different sized boulders in some of our children's dressers. Of course my curiosity lead to the question, "Why cement?" One of our sons explained that it looked like crystals, it shined and sparkled. I smiled because he seen something I didn't and that's what I call the creative mind. Being aware and having the imagination to make anything beautiful. One important piece for me is teaching our children to appreciate everything that's around us. I can't explain enough on taking a moment each day to see the beauty in something, anything. I find it relaxing. I think it's safe to say that most of our time revolves around our own families, making our own world. When I was sitting on the beach looking out, watching a tug boat pull by, I thought about who was on that boat. Where they were going? How long have they been on the water? What does life look like to them? It's fascinating on how different we all are. Whenever I go anywhere, it's nice to hear a strangers story. Sometimes opening ourselves up for conversation gives us enlightenment's on how others have experienced or see the world. Like me writing, reflecting what I think might spark interest in trying something differently, seeing something differently that perhaps might enhance your day. I hiked back with several different pieces of driftwood, rocks, tree knots and seaweed trees! I had a few ideas, one is that these items make great show and tells, two is I'm constantly collecting and bringing home everything and anything for craft ideas. I brought three seaweed trees home. I was told soaking them in bleach water will kill the bugs, then you hang to dry. Afterwords, spray with lacquer. They make beautiful ornaments to accent your home. A part of the West Coast trail, a little beach at home and a story. I'm very eager to see if my trees of beauty will become apart of our home and hopefully a conversation piece for our children; another little weed someone might find beautiful.

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