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Monday, February 7, 2011

127 Hours

I went and watched 127 hours. A true story about one mans survival during his canyoneering in Moab Utah. He fell into the canyon and was trapped by a large rock. It's an interesting movie to watch but not for the weak at heart. It's a story that leaves you thinking what would you be capable of doing for survival, could you be capable? During the course of the evening I thought about this. I believe I could be determined enough to try almost anything to live. I would hope that my mental state would be strong enough not to panic and to remain strong with the willingness to survive the ordeal. Our physical body is another form that can go into shock, shock is a serious life threatening condition that our bodies inadequately delivers oxygen and nutrients around our tissues. Then we can't function properly. There are different types of shock our bodies could endure according to the circumstances. Hypovolaemic (circulating of blood) Cardiogenic (weak or absent pulse) Obstructive or Septic and Neurogenic shock. Anaphylactic caused by narrowing of airways. All that this one man could have experienced. During his 127 hours of survival he was in and out of consciousness, remembering his loved ones and having premonitions of his future. The premonitions of his future seemed to give him the inner strength he needed to survive. (I don't want to write about the movie in case some have the interest to see it) What I personally continued to think after watching was could I physically and mentally survive a similar traumatic experience such as his? I wouldn't know until I was experiencing it. Although most would challenge themselves to live or die depending on how they feel or see their life. Which raises my thoughts about our quality, our questions on how important are we to ourselves and others? Of course I'm a mother of many and would fight for my life but would my children fight for theirs? Did you know that there was an earth quake on the Island this morning? Approximately 2, 5 second shakes at 8am. I didn't feel a thing but it brings my awareness to the fact we're closer to a crisis then we think. Not only should we be preparing mentally on what to do, how to handle a crisis, we should be discussing the importance of our survival with our children so they WANT to survive during a possible life threatening event. I think developing that drive, that need to live is crucial. I definitely don't spend my time worrying about what could happen but being prepared, just like prevention can help the course of the inevitable. In 127 hours there was points where it didn't look like the man was going to survive, I don't know if I could in his situation but what I do know is my drive to live outweighs possible death. A thought to ponder, discussions to have with our children just in case when we at least expect it we face the decisions within us to fight. Perhaps we won't ever know until and if a situation arises. One thing I know is I won't go down without a fight and I will hope that our children values themselves enough to follow.

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