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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Who is Miley Cyrus's God Mother?"

Work and no play was our Sunday. Science projects are due and we finished six projects today! Some were actually Science involved, others were more informative. One of our sons projects was "Dogs verses Humans" Is a dogs mouth cleaner then a humans? We found out that a dogs mouth is not cleaner then a humans mouth. Although human mouths are full of different bacterial components, a single drop of saliva contains millions of bacteria and half of them are unknown to Science. What do you think about kissing now? Our other son completed his Science project on what kind of things do magnets attract? My husband found lots of different items and including a magnet that is hanging by a string and can attach to the items on his board. Action packed! Our daughters didn't complete Science projects but informative boards of their own interest. One of our daughters boards consisted of "GO FISH" Explaining how to play her favorite card game lately with a surprise visitor, Nemo. Our other daughter's board is about Miley Cyrus. I found it interesting. Did you know that Dolly Parton is Miley's God Mother? Miley also grew up on a 500 acre farm in Franklin, Tennessee! Miley is an inspiration to all the ten year old girls, hopefully our girls never find out what Miley has been up too lately according to the News. Miley's real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus. A beautiful young talented lady. Another one of our sons Science project was on melting ice. Does ice melt faster in air or in water? His conclusion was in water. Water has more particles and is more dense then air. Our other sons project was explaining the progress of a molding cheese stick. A cheese stick that we set aside to mold. He learned that Fungi (Mold) is used to make antibiotics, soy sauce, Miso, Sake, Tofu and many other foods. It also has mycotoxins that can be deadly to humans. During his experiment, it took 10 days to form the Fungi. His steps was to collect dust from around our house, yup - dust and put it on his cheese stick. Then add a few drops of water, placed it into a plastic bag and wait. We waited and waited. He dropped more water, re-heated, re-wrapped and it's forming the Fungi which is nicely hot glued onto his project board for all to see! YUMMY! It was a interesting Sunday. While all us school yard children were inside working on Science projects, my husband and our almost five year old was learning to change brakes on a vehicle. Father and son, my husband's little mini-me follows him around and seems very keen on learning everything that his Daddy does. It's really cute to watch. We'll have another Mechanic in the family for sure! We will have 9 sons and 5 daughters in our family. It's interesting our dynamics and who will follow who, around here Daddy seems to be number 1! I'm merely a cheese stick molder!

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