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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Food, food, food, food, FOOD!

Feeding a large family is actually simpler then you think!
In many of my future posts I'm going to explain how....
These are home made monkey pork dumplings!
Chinese New Year 2016! Year of the Monkey!

 The above picture is how our assembly line starts!
The below picture is how a Monday morning could look!
 I believe in learning to cook everything. I believe in "not liking something" but first you have to open up your taste buds and try it!
The below picture is my home made smoked salmon and avocado sushi! 
 For years and years I was cooking only four sandwiches at a time. Just recently I purchased a large skillet AND now I can cook twelve grilled cheese at the same time! Sometimes purchasing BIG pays off! 
 Sunny days equal lazier outside picnic days!
 Cinnamon buns are a favourite around here and they're always larger then my hand!
 A Canadian traditional is always easy! Ham, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes! 
 Very routined and organized. Dinner is at 5 pm every night. Every one eats mostly the same foods and sits together at the dinner table. 
 Hohnstein famous garlic cheese sticks! Did you know I put garlic in everything? In fact I'm craving some garlic popcorn!
 When you have lots of people to feed, you need to think about your time. When I cook eggs, I whip up dozens and I will bake with different meats, cheeses, you name it - the kitchen sink....then once cooled, I cut into squares. Easy. Makes great sandwiches! 
 Noodles are a favourite. Endless dishes!
 And of course the crock pot times two! I make a lot of East Indian curries, and Dhals over Basmati rice. 
 Now I don't drink wine. However......I have heard a glass of wine helps with cooking. True? I do know if you cook shrimp or prawns in Sambucca - it's excellent! And seen below, our one son is smiling because he loves to devour my cooking! I think that's a toast for me!

Stay tuned.....I will start adding full recipes and explain how I manage feeding our family seven days a week!

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