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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Happy Spring Break!

Minion Easter Eggs!
Rice Crispy Baskets!
Devilled eggs with garlic, hot sauce and sesame seeds!
Have multiple birthdays? Popcorn goodie bags with hidden treats inside! Accommodates any age!
Now these two little rascals love licking up the brown sugar when I'm making cinnamon buns! They're little tiny crow people searching for shiny tasty objects! Beware!

It's our Spring break! Yay! I'm so excited to enjoy our time off! We are going to plan day trips according to weather. We plan on geocaching - our new outdoor hobby! Our second oldest son is coming to visit (it's been two years) I'm planning a family dinner celebrating his twenty second birthday! We do unfortunately have some hospital tests (for hubby) in hopes for a few more answers. We have some dinner guests coming "yay" I LOVE to cook for others! We plan on attending "Koba's great big show" live! Featuring the Backyardigans, Max and Ruby, Franklin and Mike the Knight! Then it will be Easter! Stay tuned, we will have lots to share and definitely including food ideas and recipes!  

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