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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sushi? It's easy!

Making sushi is all in the preparation.

- Cooked sushi rice
- Nori sushi paper
- Sesame seeds
- My home made smoked salmon
- Avocado
- Pre-baked sweet potato baked in coconut oil
- Green onion
- Roasted garlic and chili aloli 
- Sriracha hot chili sauce

In the above picture I flatten a handful of rice onto the sushi paper. You can leave the roll in the position it is or flip it like I did in the below picture. We prefer flipping it so the sushi paper is rolled inside the roll instead of the outside. I remember when I first started making sushi, I purchased that bamboo rolling aid however I like to roll free hand. I find it easy and with less hassle. Once you have the rice flattened evenly, sprinkle sesame seeds onto the rice. Place what you want inside as seen below. This roll is a sweet potato avocado smoked salmon roll with roasted garlic and chili sauce. 
Tuck, squeeze and roll as you go!
 The trick cutting nice pieces of sushi is a wet clean knife. So when needed, wash and wet your knife. 
Turn over and add your topping. It can be more sesame seeds, you can add the sriracha or nothing at all. Experimenting is fun. I love this roll because it awakens your taste buds with the different flavours. Sweet and spicy! 
 Sushi making is easy. Once you develop your technique, go to town! 

I taught sushi making a few times with our home school team. Kids love making their own! Creativity in the kitchen is one of the best learning tools! 

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  1. I might have to try making Sushi one day. It looks delicious!