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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A change is happening......

I'm looking forward to a healthier life for us all. My husband's MRI results were good considering the spinal damage. There wasn't anything alarming (new infection pockets) and the specialist doesn't know why his inflammation levels escalated. He's recovering from his recent knee surgery and he will be completing a physical and seeing a urologist for the blood in his urine. Otherwise I'm starting to feel hopeful and more at peace with our life. "I think" 

However I am getting cabin fever. Continuous hospital and medical appointments, adding some grocery shopping doesn't touch the void of enjoying the outdoors and all the activities that we used to do. So I'm keeping optimistic that soon a healthier life will allow us to become the family we once were. We are all feeling that lifestyle where illness controls and isolates us from the rest of the world. Change is needed. 

While spring is in the air and March is fast approaching I've been antsy waiting for my University application approval. I've been thinking about future hikes and adventures. That the future is ours! I have six enrolled into summer camps. I am hoping we can manage camping again. As much as I shouldn't expect, I have expectations of a healthy life. To conquer goals and to move forward like we always do. 

And because I've found myself obsessing over my husband's health, I have decided to change up my blog. After this post, there will be a new look, a new title and writing style. Thank you for following all these years and supporting us.  

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