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Friday, March 18, 2016

A great start with our break...

For the first five days of Spring break our second oldest son came to visit. It was really nice. I made a ham and salmon dinner and we all celebrated his twenty second birthday. The salmon was glazed in mayonnaise topped with a pepper steak spice. It was devoured!  

Then as soon as the sun came out we went to one of our favourite destinations. Victoria! We walked the break water out to the light house! 

"I love Dad"

Seen below is just a few of us. We only had ten of our kiddo's in Victoria. It's weird for me. Our large family is becoming smaller and smaller. I have always found that adding plates at the dinner table was easy but taking away confused me. Funny, we definitely don't have an empty nest but our nest is never full unless we're all together! Go figure!  

And now that some of our kids are getting older, they get to venture off just a little bit further.
"Hello down there!"

"The glue"
Nineteen years we have been together. We have been through a lot and we're still keeping things together.
Update - we are living day by day. With his spinal damage he's in chronic pain constantly. Some days his left hand can't grasp anything while his thumb clicks. Strange things. We are still waiting for answers onto why there's blood in his urine. Every day is a new day, some days better then other days. His memory and speech has been affected, sometimes words just don't come out right however we chuckle about it because it's the least of our worries. Life is just too short, so we're definitely making the best of it!

I love this picture below.....eight of our kiddo's just hanging out and being "cool" 
We live in paradise!

Every time we visit Victoria, we have dinner at Red Robin's. Without fail, Red Robin's has great service, the food is fast and it's always a pleasant experience. And every time we receive positive comments. 

One of these days I will start posting recipes as promised!

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years" 
Abraham Lincoln

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